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Hospitality | Architectural Design, Interior Design & Supervision | 2018

Project type | Hospitality
Location | Lefkas, Greece

Project Status | Complete, 2022

Architects | Revergo Architects
Photography | Stelios Kyriakis

The plot, located in the coastal village of Nydri in Lefkada, is close to the sea but without direct visual contact with it, in an area protected from the winds. The aim of the design was to create a welcoming closed core of tourist accommodation with modern rooms and a warm inner courtyard. The accommodation includes 13 rooms and a surrounding area that acts as a reception area and includes the swimming pool with a small bar for customer service.

The aim of design was to create a complex that gives the feeling of a small community for the users. The study attempts to break up the volumes into smaller individual buildings with the aim of visually lightening the image of the complex which, as is regular in such projects, exhausts the construction of the plot. Each volume presents small color deviations that follow the nuances of traditional Lefkada architecture.

Particular emphasis was also placed on the interior design of the accommodation. The 13 rooms are designed in two typologies, divided in pink and green tones. The equipment of the rooms (wardrobes, headboards, lamps, office and bathroom furniture) have been designed for the specific project and follow the design and color of the respective room typology.

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