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Hotel | Design & Supervision | 2018

Project type | Hospitality
Location | Lefkas, Greece

Project Status | Complete, 2018

Architects | Revergo Architects
Photography | Thomas Svoronos


"Allure Boutique Hotel" has been awarded with the "BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2019" from European BIG SEE (Big South-East Europe) - Where life is creativity Organisation, among the best architectural project from 19 European countries. The project has also been nominated for the "Best Project (Grand Prix) in the category "hospitality". It has also been featured at the Domes 2018 Greek Architecture Yearbook as one of the top 100 projects of 2018.

Allure Boutique Hotel is located in the center of Lefkas town. It is a city hotel that keeps some of the most traditional architectural elements of the island integrated in a contemporary design. The study concerns the interior and exterior planning of a preexisting shell that was turned into a hotel. The street where the entrance of the hotel is located is a quiet street with houses and local stores. The hotel welcomes the visitor through its main entrance with a green area open to the street without a fence, offering to the neighborhood an element of vegetation. Higher plants create a boundary in front of the two verandas at the ground floor offering the visitor a private space.


There are four types of rooms (14 rooms in total), each one of them with its own color variations and architectural design elements, offering the visitor a variety to choose from. So the visitor can choose to stay at the dark or light blue, pink or green room, all inspired by the colors or Lefkas. The dark and light blue stands for the sea and sky, the green for the island’s vegetation, and the pink for the colors of the facades of traditional houses of the city. The colors of the facade and the proportions of the openings follow the rules of the architecture of the city. The lighting was an important tool in the design of the hotel. Hidden lighting and unique light fixtures creates the atmosphere needed for a hospitality space.

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