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Coffee Bar | Design & Supervision | 2017

Project type | Leisure & Retail
Location | Lefkas, Greece

Project Status | Complete, 2015

Architects | Revergo Architects
Photography | Thomas Svoronos

The ''Blue House'', or in other words ''Casa Azul'' in Coyoacán Mexico City was for years the colorful house and source of inspiration for Frida Kahlo. Inspired by her, a woman of contradictions and vibrant colors both in her life and work, Revergo architects created a small cafe named ''Casa Azul'', a space filled with Mexican cultural elements, with the warmth and intimacy of a real house.

This project is the renovation of a 70 square meter ground floor space in a two stories house located on the main waterfront street of Lefkas city in Greece. The existing building is a typical example of the Ionian architecture, with a bright blue facade, which provided the inspiration to utilize Frida Kahlo’s particular style in order to achieve a seamless fusion between old and new. The buildings’ preexisting color carries on to the cafe's facade in order to frame the interior and allow for an aesthetic contradiction. The primary intention was the creation of a space in the city center where the boundaries between public and private quietly fade away and the warmth of a home welcomes the guest.

Casa Azul welcomes the client with an impressively intricate facade of blue sliding doors and guides him into the colorful interior world of a house with details taken from Fridas' plethoric personality. The bright basic colors of the furniture, like blue, red and yellow are flawlessly combined with the Mexican style patterns on the fabrics, the rough textures of the walls and the vintage light fixtures.

The careful selection of furniture in conjunction with the straw separators and the warm, homey textures come together to create small private corners within the cafe. The vast majority of the furniture is handpicked from second-hand stores and refurbished with new fabrics to amplify the impression of a home. To finish off, small cactus pots and hand painted Mexican tiles on the surrounding decor create an exotic scenery for the ''Blue House'', which intends to mentally travel the visitor from Lefkas waterfront directly into the heart of Mexico.

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