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Private house | Architectural Design, Interior Design & Supervision | 2016

Project type | Residential
Location | Kastos, Greece

Project Status | Under Construction, 2016

Architects | Revergo Architects

The holiday house is located on a highly inclined plot, in the homonymous village of Kastos island - the smallest inhabited island amongst the Ionian Islands. The concept design constitutes an attempt to integrate the traditional architectural elements of the Kastos Island into a contemporary residence. Thus natural building materials, such as stone, exposed concrete and wood are utilized for the above purpose.


The raw material for the stone masonry is extracted directly from the construction site and the building techniques used, follow the principles and expertise of the local craftsmen. The upper part of the house is built with stone while vertical surfaces of exposed concrete are only introduced on the ground level, below the surface of the street. 


This ensures that the rustic image of the village, as it is perceived while arriving at the port, remains untouched. The building retains the proportions and aesthetics of a traditional house, while the only indication of its contemporary design is the slightly differentiated morphology of its openings.

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