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Coffee Bar | Design & Supervision | 2018

Project type | Leisure & Retail
Location | Athens, Greece

Project Status | Complete, 2018

Architects | Revergo Architects
Photography | Stelios Kyriakis

“Pura Vida Athens” is located on one of the busiest streets in the center of Athens, within the “Historic Triangle". It’s a ground floor cafe with a mezzanine floor that was housed in an abandoned little store at the entrance of a typical office building of the mid 60’s. After several small scale repairs, Revergo architects were assigned to design the restoration of the store’s facade which was removed by the former owners and to transform the old store into a fresh coffee bar. The total area of the ground floor (17sq.meters) was turned into the preparation area of the cafe, while storage and sanitary facilities were placed on the mezzanine floor.

The cafe is designed on the concept of it’s name “Pura Vida”, a Costa-Rican colloquial expression, which is literally translated as “Pure Life”, but generally denotes an attitude for life. Loosely translated, “Pura Vida” means “life is beautiful” and has been the inspiration for designing a fresh and vivid space, full of bright colors, patterns and plants. White tiles are placed on the interior of the cafe, in order to brighten up the space. Green, blue and yellow can be found on the logo, the sign, the chairs. Nature completes the whole picture. Vine seems to be springing up at the front of the place, at the preparation room, even in the supporting facilities of Pura Visa, placing a Costa-Rican experience in the center of Athens.

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