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Private house | Architectural Design, Interior Design & Supervision | 2017

Project type | Hospitality
Location | Kastos, Greece

Project Status | Under Construction, 2017

Architects | Revergo Architects

Exclusive villa on a little islands of the Pringiponissia archipelago in the Ionian Sea (Prince Islands). This waterfront villa has stunning sweeping views over a protected bay and unspoiled neighbor islands.

The villa is a functional piece of beauty, perfectly in harmony with nature and equipped with latest technology. These technologies are focused on "wellbeing" as well as on instant "atmosphere adaptation to circumstances”: light and climate. Constructed around a courtyard like a little village in old traditional style, with multiple cozy areas, revealing constantly new details and architectural admiringly worthy surprises. 


Discrete and unpretentious but at the same time fine and luxurious, with an infinity pool and a garden of natural beauty and space in abundance, this property is a destination in itself. Mature trees - olive, orange, lemon, figs, pomegranates, grapes, and many other fruits - create the feeling of a lush paradise.

Not more than 100 m away a beach and a little harbor offers a mooring for a yacht, but there is also a jetty directly connected to the land. A private bay allows a secure anchor facility.

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