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Two villas for rent | Architectural Design, Interior Design & Supervision | 2019

Project type | Hospitality
Location | Lefkas, Greece

Project Status | Complete, 2019

Architects | Revergo Architects
Photography | Dimitris Kleanthis

The Sivota of Lefkas is one of the most picturesque Ionian ports, known for their natural beauty and lush vegetation. There, on a fairly sloping plot, Revergo Architecture undertook to design two private residences with respect to the landscape and local architecture. The plot is characterized by existing stone blocks and olive trees that get denser as one approaches the sea.


The main intention of the architects was to create a proposal that fits in gently with the environment, largely preserves the privacy of users and achieves minimum interference with the landscape. The houses are placed parallel to the slope of the ground, the outdoor area follows the lines of the plot and planting is complemented by vegetation encountered in the Greek countryside.


The two residences, 90 and 120 sq.m. respectively, are analyzed as follows: The 90 sq.m. house. It grows on two floors within a monolithic L-shaped stone volume. The stone folds and covers the entire house except the view to the sea. The stone alternates with pure color surfaces, which form the main openings of the house with the bedroom balconies. On the ground floor there is a living room, a kitchen and a small wc, while two bedrooms are placed on the first floor.


The120 sq.m. house follows a similar logic in handling materials and facades. The residence consists of two stone volumes housing 3 bedrooms (one on the first floor and 2 on the ground floor), and are functionally connected by an intermediate ground floor volume in which the living room, dining room and kitchen are placed. The alternation of stone and colored surfaces appears only in the two storey part of the house.


The color and materials conception reinforce the design intent for simple and clean volumes that fit into the environment through a modern vocabulary. The use of the local stone of Lefkas and earth colors for the wall surfaces relates closely to the color palette of the place. The balconies and pergolas are made with more modern materials but are painted in neutral colors to avoid optical noise. Finally, the semi-sheltered spaces in front of the houses with swimming pools and wooden decks follow simple design lines.

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