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Kindergarten | Competition | 2019

Project type | Culture & Education
Location | Pireus, Greece

Project Status | Complete, 2019

Architects | Revergo Architects, Kyriakos Giannakidis

Tetrising the Void is a proposal for an open architectural competition organized by municipality of Piraeus. The aim of this notion is to resign, expand and add a new floor to the old existing nursery school. The project was inspired by the surrounding terraced context.

The main idea was born through the pursuit of desining a building that blends with the existing polikatikies, proposing a new form and communicates with the landscape and the park of the neibourghood. The void is used as a design tool and creates a tetris of volumes with solids, voids, open, close and semi-outdoor spaces. As a result a terraced building with two playgrounds and a green roof is born.

Areas and playgrounds for kids and infants are clearly seperated in two levels. Offices, meeting room, classes, bathrooms and sleeping rooms for kids are placed at ground floor. An outdoor amphitheater leads to a more protected floor where kitchens, storage rooms and a class with sleeping area for the infants are located. A panoramic 360o view of the urban enviroment and the green park towards the new nursery school is offered for the users. The final result expresses a new vision for pre-schools, the role of their design, the importance of green spaces in the design process and the communication of the buildings with the city context and landscape of the neibourghood.

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