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Private House | Architectural Design, Interior Design & Supervision | 2020

Project type | Hospitality
Location | Lefkas, Greece

Project Status | Complete, 2020

Architects | Revergo Architects
Photography | Stelios Kyriakis

The house is built at the highest point of Nikiana, in the east side of Lefkada on top of a green hill enjoying panoramic views over the nearby islands. The project was about the design of the indoor and outdoor spaces of a 200m² vacation villa where the concrete structure, the exterior walls and the swimming pool were already built.

The building is laid out in three levels and functions as a holiday rental during the summer months. The ground floor accommodates the living areas, including the kitchen and lounge, as well as one bedroom. The other two bedrooms are placed on the first floor, while the basement houses a small gym with wellness area, equipped with a steam bath.

The interior design was informed by the future use of the building as vacation rental, creating a warm, open, and clear space. The white color of the walls is combined with natural materials, like wood, bamboo, cane, and woven straw in all furniture and decorative elements.

The outdoor areas are modeled in the same fashion; here, space is organized in distinctive zones with outdoor lounges on many levels, following the terrain and keeping contact with the water features and the landscape. Landscaped strips are inserted in-between.

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